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Photo courtesy of DeLauter's Photography

James Vrazel's skill and dependability flow from his solid grounding in his Communication Arts degree, his years of experience with cutting edge technology and techniques, and his simultaneous grasp of the organic, humorous, and authentic.  His passion for capturing life's cherished moments, surrounded by the natural beauty of these Blue Ridge mountains, fills every frame of his work, to preserve memories and moments that are priceless.

In her film and photography, Kate combines an unerring eye for gorgeous, evocative shots with an aesthetic that suggests the slightly ethereal. Growing up in Western NC, a love of beauty is a natural part of her personality, and one that she truly enjoys sharing with the couples she works with.
We got married 14 years ago in these beautiful Appalachian mountains, and are blessed with 3 vivacious children we homeschool. We're so grateful we're able to work together, and build a local company around the happy beginnings of other couples and the promotion of other local businesses!